Perfect Cat Self Groomer Corner Massage Brush

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Your fur baby will LOVE these!

Perfect for lazy cat owners
Easy to attach to any corner or post, an ideal toy for cats

  • SELF-MASSAGE - Cat hair brush can remove loose hair, It doesn't brush a ton of hair off of them, but it is that much less on your clothing and furniture. Rubbing gives your cat a gentle massage. This is your cat's favorite to clean their hair.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN - This pet hair brush can sprinkle some catnip in the brush compartment. This will induce your furry friends to groom their hair. Very easy to install anywhere with the double-sided tape or screws.  Soft rubber ensures gentle massage and grooming without painful removing of fur or scratching the skin.
  • CAT TOYS - Many cats are insane about this product. Any cat who hates being brushed will spend a while several times a day brushing itself on this self groomer. If your cat has zero interest in it, you can try brushing him with it, putting it up next to his face for him to rub against it, tapping it to try to interest him in it, etc.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - this self groomer with catnip can be removed from the frame for easy cleaning. Allow cats to enjoy a massage while eliminating dead hair.